Effective Way To Get Rid Of The Cockroaches Permanently From Your House

The market offers so many cockroach repellents, and most of them are probably effective, but who needs health-harmful chemicals near their family?

Chemicals in commercial bug repellents cause respiratory issues and skin irritation. Some of them are confirmed carcinogens that trigger the development of abnormal cancer tissues and stimulate cancer growth.

Cockroaches are uninvited pests that carry fear and diseases whenever they go.

We give you a super effective homemade cockroach repellent. It is both safe for use and powerful, so you better say goodbye to your ‘beloved friends.’


  • 1 egg yolk
  • 30-50g boric acid powder

Preparation and use:

Combine the egg yolk and the boric acid powder in a container of your choice, and mix until you get a solid texture.

Form the resulting mixture in small balls, and make sure they are about 1 centimeter in diameter.

Let the balls dry out for an hour.

Place them in your cupboards or any other place in your house that may seem attractive to the cockroaches.

Use the balls in places where you have noticed cockroaches. The tiny monsters will die the very same moment they get in touch with the balls you have prepared. The combination of both ingredients causes a lethal itch that paralyzes the bugs and kills them eventually.

If you cannot find boric acid powder, use boric acid solution. Do not panic, boric acid is not dangerous for you and your family, and even your pets are safe.

Get your boric acid balls ready, and you will never ever deal with cockroaches again.

Consider repeating the process again in order to get rid of any newly hatched eggs.

Source: Time For Natural Health Care


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