Eat Spotted Bananas: Here Is Why They Are Healthier Than Ordinary Ones

We all like bananas! This miraculous fruit is a favorite for everyone, regardless of age or preferences, athletes love it the

Banana owes its popularity not only to its taste but also to the array of benefits that make it extremely healthy.

An average banana contains about 110 calories, it is rich in potassium, manganese, vitamins B6 and C, and fiber. It contains no cholesterol and fat, and pureed can be used as a substitute for butter.

It has been proven, above all, that it is wiser to eat a banana in place of any sweet energy drink. In fact, the banana has a better impact on the level of dopamine unlike any energy drink, but retains a high level even for some time after the consumption of this fruit. The dopamine is a neurotransmitter that directly affects our mood.

And that’s not all! According to a Japanese study published in 2013, bananas that have black-brown spots on the crust, produce a substance that destroys tumor cells. It is a tumor necrosis factor (TNF), which combats abnormal cells. The more the crust is darker and the more it is covered with dark spots, the more powerful are the banana‚Äôs anticancer values.

After a wild night out and a few glasses of wine, bananas are excellent ally to fight the hangover! It is due to the potassium in bananas, and doctors recommend the consumption of a banana before bed and others after waking up. The hangover will be significantly reduced in this way.

Doctors and nutritionists recommend a daily consumption of bananas for better health and enhanced immunity, and it will certainly have good benefit in the fight against the upcoming colds and viruses as well.


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