Easy To Do: 7 Yoga Stretches To Remove Sciatica Back Ache

The terrible sciatica pain is manifested in the back, hip, and outer side of the leg and it is caused by compression of a spinal nerve root in the lower back areas. Usually, one body side is affected.

This nerve in the sciatic area is the biggest and longest nerve in our body, and it goes to the buttocks and back of legs. It is made of fibers, and many little roots nerves, and it is thick as a human thumb!

Symptoms of sciatica

  • Lower back pain
  • Numb leg or foot or both
  • Weakness in the knees when you stand after sitting or while bending them
  • Pinch sensation or paresthesia, tingling, burning like pins and needles feeling
  • Buttock and leg/legs pain
  • Hard time flexing the ankles in walking with heels or ‘foot drop’
  • Weak reflexes in the knee and Achilles tendon too


Lumbar herniated disc -- also known as slipped disc, bulging disc, protruding or ruptured, and even a pinched nerve

Degenerative disc issue -- the micro-motions in the spine can be changed by a weaker disc, causing more inflammation to the disc proteins and making them irritated

Isthmic spondylolisthesis -- made by fracture causes in the bone that connects 2 joints, meaning that one vertebra slips to the top or below another

Piriformis syndrome -- when the sciatic nerve root is pinched by the tight piriformis

Lumbar spine stenosis -- when the spinal canal in the low back area gets smaller

Sacroiliac dysfunction of the joints -- Irritation or pain of these joints

Scar tissue -- The nerve is compressed by the scar skin

Strained muscles -- Nerve roots pressed by muscle inflammation

Spine tumor -- Tumors which are in and around the spine can also cause problems with the nerve root

Pregnancy -- Sciatica can be caused by weight gain in pregnancy and hormones change which change the gravity center.

What is the cause of the pain?

The root cause of the pain can be different with each person, so it is very important to visit a physical therapist or osteopath. Also, you can get the FAIR test so you can have more opinions regarding your case.

You should lie on the side and place your painful leg on the top. You should notice if it causes pain when moving around in 90-degree angle adduction or internal rotating like in the video below.

If you feel sharp hip pain, this may indicate that you have tight piriformis in the sciatic nerve.

Yoga cure

You can relieve sciatica pain by hip opening positions or hamstring stretch as well.

Perform these 7 yoga positions every day and you will see incredible results!

Source: Online Health Society


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