Early Cancer Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Cancer is one of the most common and dangerous diseases of the modern era.
Although elder people usually get cancer, young ones are not immune to it. Women often ignore these symptoms.

Unexplained weight loss:

Although many women would be happy to lose pounds without trouble, losing more weight without exercise should be medically examined.

Abdominal bloating:

Bloated stomach is so common phenomenon that most people do not pay attention to it. This condition may indicate ovarian cancer. If the bloating lasts for few days and you feel sieve after eating little, you must see a doctor.

Breasts changes:

Redness and peeling the skin of the breast, as well as inverted nipples, point to potentially dangerous changes in the tissue. If you have a rash that lasts for weeks, you should see a doctor.

Bleeding on unusual intervals:

Women who are in menopause often ignore the bleeding between cycles, or consider it a menstruation. Bleeding when it is not time for it indicates the negative phenomena in the body, and after menopause, it may signify a cancer of the cervix.

Swallowing difficulties:

If you go on a liquid diet because you feel pain in the throat when swallowing, and you do not have a cold, see a doctor. This may be a sign of cancer of the esophagus.

Blood in the wrong place:

If you notice bleeding in urine or stools, do not diagnose hemorrhoids, because it may be a sign of a colon cancer. Expectoration of blood is also a serious symptom that may indicate lung cancer.

Feeling like something is biting your stomach:

Some studies have shown that depression and the pain in the stomach may be symptoms of pancreatic cancer.


Problems with digestion without any particular reason can be a sign of cancer of the throat or the stomach.


We live a fast- paced life and fatigue is very common, but if you feel weak without spending too much strain, it can be a sign of a problem.

Long cough:

Coughing which does not stop for weeks, and you have no other issues, and you smoke, it may be a sign of lung cancer, so you should see a doctor.

Source: Healthy Food House


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