Ear Candling – Is This Popular Technique Useful?

The technique for cleaning the ear canal with the help of candles is still a contradictory method. There are opinions that this technique is very useful, while others consider it inefficient and bad.ear-candling-is-this-popular-technique-useful

The problems with blockage of the ear canal are common among people. The accumulation of wax in the ears leads to poor hearing, ringing in the head, itching and dizziness.
The wax in the ears is a normal phenomenon, it prevents dirt and bacteria from entering the ear. But if you there is too much, if it is dry or sticky, it may cause clogging.

Besides the usual checks and controls at the doctor, there are alternative treatments or methods to clean the ear canal. One of these is the treatment with candles. This therapy is one of the oldest in the world. It was used by the Egyptians, Tibetans, Mayans, Chinese and Indians. It was usually applied by great leaders, warriors and kings. In some cultures, this method was believed to clean not only the ears, but also the soul, or body.

This method is widespread nowadays, ear candles can be found in pharmacies and herbal shops. However, many doctors do not recommend them, since the insertion of things in the ear, as well as ear sticks, can damage the eardrum. Frequent cleaning also can be inadequate, because it removes the protective wax, and the ear is vulnerable and prone to infections. Most recommended method is the softening of wax with a few drops of mineral oil, baby oil or ear drops.

Candles for cleaning ears are made of paper or cloth soaked in beeswax. They are wrapped like candles, but most often are in the form of a cone. Place the cone with the protective disc placed in the ear and light it. The warmth of the candle melts the earwax and cleans the ear.

Whether this method is effective or ineffective, if you choose to use these candles for ear cleaning, consult your doctor.



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