Do You Know Why It Is Good To Sleep Of The Left Side? Here Is The Reason!

The most essential part of our life, as we all know, is sleeping. In order to give its maximum energy, our body needs sleeping. It is recommended to sleep at least 8 hours so our body can detoxify and revitalize itself. Those who sleep less than 8 hours are usually in a bad mood and constantly tired.

Some Buddhist writing claims that monks used to sleep on their left side. Surely you think that this is strange but it is considered to have a lot of healthy benefits. For example, when we are sleeping on our left side that is the side to which the lymph drains. The thoracic pipeline is located on the left side, so the lymph transports things purified by the lymphatic nodules as waste materials, proteins, and glucose which had to be drained to the left side.

Indian people consider that after eating you should lay on your left side for 10 minutes in order to get rest.

Advantages of sleeping on the left side

It is very important to sleep on the left side due to the fact that the pancreas and the stomach hang to the left side, so you will allow them effective digestion, and they both will hang naturally. It is considered that after eating, if you rest on the left side, you can force the meal to move in a natural way through the stomach, and you will gradually secrete the pancreatic enzymes.

It will improve your digestion, and you will feel more energetic throughout the day. Also, it will eliminate better the toxins of the body.

The toxins are thrown out on the right side of the body across the ileocecal valve to the beginning of the large intestine which goes to the right side of the body, crossing the belly, and descending from the left side. This is the reason why sleeping on the left side has the ability to throw out toxins from the small intestine to the large intestine as simple as possible.

Better cardiac function

80% of the heart is on the left side of the body. While you sleep on the left side, the gravity removing work to your heart will impel the lymph drained to the heart. It will improve the work of your heart to pump the blood easier to the descending aorta.

The intestines will be removed from the vein wine-cellar which is able to take the blood back to the heart. The work for the heart is done by the gravity. Moreover, the spleen is also located on the left side of the body which has the function to filtrate the lymph and the blood.

Source: Family Health Freedom Network


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