Do You Know When To Drink Hot And When Cold Water?

Water is Life!

Fresh water is essential for the survival of all living organisms on Earth, and we are aware of the fact that our body can’t survive more than a few days without water. We all know how good is the feeling to quench our thirst with a glass of cold water. But, is cold water the best option or there are cases when we should consume hot water?

When to Drink Cold Water

When exercising

When performing some physical activity, the temperature of our body rises, and sweating is the process by which our body tries to cool. In this way, we lose fluids which we need to bring back. When we drink cold water while exercising, the water helps our body to cool and be hydrated at the same time.

When having a fever

When you have a fever, drinking cold water can help your body to cool and speed up the healing process. It is significantly important to get enough fluids so your body will be able to fight bacteria and infections. It is recommended to add some sea salt and a little lemon into your water in order to restore the lost electrolytes.

When trying to lose weight

Cold water will speed up your metabolism, and help you lose 70 calories on a daily basis. Even though you need to be physically active, we need to mention that 8 glasses of water a day is equal to walking for 15 minutes.

When to Drink Hot Water

When having digestive problems

Drinking hot water in the morning can be very beneficial for improving digestion during the day. Drinking cold water after a meal will cause difficulties for your body to digest the food, so we recommend you to drink warm to hot water.

During detoxification

In a case you want to eliminate the toxins from your body, drinking lukewarm water along with some lemon needs to become your morning routine. Also, you can add mint, apple, cinnamon, or cucumber, which are also considered beneficial for detoxification.

When feeling pain

If you are experiencing headaches or some inflammations, it is recommended to consume hot water as it can stimulate blood circulation. Hot water is also useful for women who are having menstrual cramps.

Five Good Reasons to Get Into an Ice-Cold Bath or Shower

Cold water burns calories

When having a cold shower, the body immediately tries to return back to its normal temperature, and when doing this, the metabolism burns calories in the process and can increase by up to 550% of its resting level.

It is considered that drinking cold water can have almost the same effect. So, if you don’t prefer having a cold shower, you can consume the cold water.

Cold water gives you glowing skin

Hot water is known to strip your skin of essential oils. Cold water will do the opposite. It will encourage the blood to rush to the surface of the skin, thus giving you a healthy glowing look.

Even though this is considered as a popular belief, cold water doesn’t make your pores smaller.

Cold water eases pain

Not only it makes you feel more alive, but adrenalin will also make you feel more pain-free in that way that will distract your brain from irritating aches. The effect can have a longer-term of lasting: after matches, rugby players sit in ice baths; the cold water has the ability to reduce blood flow to the muscles and help them to have a new blood filled with less lactic acid.

Cold water boosts your immune system

A couple of years ago, there was a study in Germany which included people who have showered in cold water for 2 minutes. According to the study, people who have cold shower were not so prone to colds compared to those who were having a hot shower. Actually, this is because the mild stress can make your immune system think it should be doing something, and gives it a little “workout”.

This theory was also proven by Czech scientists who found out that people who were having cold shower at least 3 times a week, have a much higher level of white blood cells (responsible for fighting infections) than those who haven’t.

Improve your sex life

It is believed that being in cold water can improve the levels of your sex hormones estrogen and testosterone.

Source: Bare Natural Truth


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