Do You Feel Tired And Sleepy All Day Long? You Lack This Crucial Mineral, Which You Need To Recharge

If you are constantly tired, you have trouble sleeping and you face difficulties to find energy to exercise, then you lack this crucial

One of the most important minerals is iron and it is essential for energy, because it is the cornerstone of red blood cells which transport oxygen around the body -- which explains why you feel constant fatigue.

If you look pale, it is another sign that you have iron deficiency; in addition, you feel shortness of breath, and your heart is beating fast and hard.

But there are many signs which indicate that your body warns you of its lack of iron.

Other symptoms are headache, dizziness, tinnitus, hair loss, cold hands and feet, struggling in swallowing, feeling of itching, disturbed sleep, lack of appetite, stomach pain …

Studies have shown that the risk group also contains fans of the gym and exercise.

The study showed that one in three surveyed women athletes who have reduced iron levels, and the most common disease among them is clinical anemia.

Eat broccoli and feel the blood surge powerfully through your body, rich with oxygen to keep your systems functioning at a high level. Copper is also found in broccoli which is another essential mineral in the production of red blood cells, along with iron

Red meat is one of the richest and most useful sources of iron, so it will provide three times more iron than chicken or 250% more than broccoli.

Iron is essential for energy. One of the easiest ways to increase your endurance is to increase your intake of red meat up to70 grams per day.


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