Do You Drink Soft Drinks? You Must Know These Facts – Here’s What Happens To Your Body Then

Soft drinks are the enemies of our health in general. This is what happens to the body when we drink soda, according to IFL Science.miracle-recipe-e1431125580830-600x337

After 10 minutes

10 small spoons of sugar enter the body, and the phosphoric acid in the soda mitigates the sweet taste.

After 20 minutes

There is an abrupt jump of the amount of sugar in the blood, causing insulin explosion. The liver reacts in such a way that it turns all sugars found in the blood into fat.

After 40 minutes

Caffeine from the drink is absorbed completely. Our pupils dilate, our blood pressure increases, and the liver pumps more sugar into the bloodstream.

After 45 minutes

The body increases the production of dopamine, stimulating the centers for sense of comfort in the brain.

After an hour

Phosphoric acid reacts with calcium, magnesium and zinc in the colon, providing additional explosion in our metabolism. This is further complicated by the high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners that further increase the excretion of calcium in the urine.

More than an hour

The diuretic properties of caffeine begin to affect the body, and you need to urinate. Then, all calcium, magnesium and zinc that were intended for your bones are discarded from the body.

After two hours

As the chaos in the body is appeased, we begin to feel a lack of sugar. We easily become slower in our actions.



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