Cornmeal As Weed Killer And Pest Control: How To Use Cornmeal In The Garden

Cornmeal gluten is a by-product of corn wet milling, and it is the thin that dogs, poultry, fish and cattle are fed with.

It is also considered as a natural substitute for conventional herbicides stuffed with chemicals.

Use it as a natural and safe way to get rid of weed, plus the ecosystem will thank you, not to mention the fact that it is health-friendly as well. Cornmeal is great and effective solution is you have pets or children.

A group of researchers from the Iowa State University found that cornmeal has the capacity to prevent the seeds from germination, which is the case of grass, chickweed, crabgrass and dandelions.

Cornmeal does not destroy annual weed like crabgrass, foxtail, pigweed or purslane.

It cannot kill annual weeds that have already set their roots, including grass plantain, dandelions, and quack.

What it does is attacking the weed seeds and stop the germination process, which also prevents any further sprouting.

How can cornmeal help you in your garden?

Use cornmeal to get rid of the weeds that have found their way to grow in your garden. It will prevent their seeds from germinating while keeping your other shrubs, trees and plants intact.

Carefully read the instructions on the package, and use just enough of the product to get rid of the weeds in your lovely garden.

If you were wondering what is the best time of the year to do the ‘great cleaning,’ it is early spring. However, make sure your flowers and veggies mature enough before applying the cornmeal, otherwise it may destroy their seeds along with the weed seeds.

Use cornmeal to get rid of ‘uninvited’ ants

Cornmeal can help you control who enters your home. Yes, it is ants we are talking about. Spread the cornmeal on their trails, and they will gladly take it to their nest and eat it. But, ants cannot digest it, and eventually they will die.

You will notice how the number of ants in your home and garden will dramatically within a week.

If you are lucky enough to have a huge garden, the spray method of application is the best option you can use. For optimal results, apply it every month, during the growing season or after every rainfall.

Source: Time For Natural Health Care


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