Colon Hydrotherapy Vs Gastrointestinal Cleanse: How Are They Different And How They Help With Your Healing

The practice of flushing out waste from the colon has been introduced since 1300 BC. In that time, technology was not that popular, and the early fathers of medicine, Galen and Hippocrates were strong supporters of colon cleansing as a medicinal tool.

All natural healing practitioners, including Dr Normal Walker and Dr Bernard Jensen emphasized the receiving of colon cleansing as an indispensable part of a healthy lifestyle. Actually, colon hydrotherapy was regularly practiced in many hospital and clinics until 1930.

It is a sad fact that with the technological advancement, drugs become prevalent in our healthcare and the practice of colon hydrotherapy come to an end. Fortunately, today, people are becoming aware of the benefits of doing a colonics and are starting to use natural remedies again.

Colon Irrigation (Hydrotherapy) or Colonics

In today’s world, processed food, GMO’s and artificial additives are included in the diet of most people. Therefore, it is extremely important to do a seasonal series of colon cleansing. For those who are dealing with chronic constipation, juicing takes time to move the sludge in their intestines.

Colon hydrotherapy, on the other hand, might be a better idea and a quicker solution for them. It cleans the large intestine, the cecum, and the transverse, descending, sigmoid and ascending parts of the colon. However, it can’t reach the small intestines, meaning that doing this colon hydrotherapy along with juicing and/or gastrointestinal cleanse, will provide better results.

As you can see by its name, colon hydrotherapy refers to the process of cleansing the colon with filtered water by inserting a lubricated, disposable tube 2 inches into the rectum and allowing the filtered body-temperature water to flow into the rectum.

The water fills the colon and slowly breaks up the compacted fecal matters, allowing them to flow out through the outlet into a plastic viewing tube. This will help your colon hydrotherapist to tell you in which condition your digestive system is, and if there is a presence of parasites, toxins, and mucus. This, in turn, will help you to improve your health.

Performing a series of colonics is of utmost importance in helping your body to protect itself from various diseases. By eliminating the toxins, the function of your digestive system will be improved. This will also strengthen your intestine. However, you should make some changes in your diet and lifestyle if you want a complete recovery.

Gastrointestinal Cleanse

In an average adult, the gastrointestinal tract is 21-23 feet long. The absorption of nutrients is in the small (upper) intestines. If you have unhealthy and clogged gastrointestines, your body will not be able to efficiently absorb nutrients from food. Even though juices are effective for individuals dealing with this problem, a gastrointestinal cleanse together will drinking juices can provide better results!

Some of the foods included in our unhealthy diet are not digested properly. This leaves behind old fecal matters, lining the walls of the digestive tract. Over the years, these matters “hardened up” and can only weaken the absorption of nutrients. In fact, these old fecal matters are something that we want to eliminate.

Colon hydrotherapy targets the lower intestines (colon), while a gastrointestinal cleanse targets the upper (small) intestines.

A gastrointestinal cleanse can be performed in your home. All you need is gradually eliminating meat, processed foods, dairy products, sugar, flour products, sodas, alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco from your daily routine. In this way, your body will be prepared for healing!

Next, you should include gastrointestinal cleansing foods. You can eat foods that are high in fiber or take in the form of fiber drinks. Make sure to protect your gastrointestinal tract health because you may experience many health problems!

Source: Juicing For Health


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