Coffee Grounds Under The Eyes – A Cure For Dark Circles And Bags Under The Eyes

Do you remember the last time you woke up fresh and without those awful dark circles around the eyes?coffee-grounds-under-the-eyes-a-cure-for-dark-circles-and-bags-under-the-eyes

Family responsibilities, exhausting jobs and other daily tasks forced us to reduce the amount of sleep to a minimum in terms of what we need.

As a result, we have dark circles that slowly have become constant on our face, and we cannot eliminate them even by using expensive cosmetics.

There is a trick that cannot provide you more sleep, but it will help to reduce or at best, to fully eliminate, dark circles.

With a little coconut oil, pepper and coffee, you will no longer have dark circles around the eyes.

This method should be used regularly, since it does not provide permanent effects.

Caffeine has numerous benefits; it reduces cellulite, tones and tightens the skin. We can use the same properties to tone and tighten the skin under the eyes.

You should add black pepper to stimulate circulation and to encourage the moving of nutrients and oxygen as well.

Black pepper and coffee are really high in antioxidants, and that will be very helpful in case of UV damage and signs of aging.

Method of preparation:

Take some fresh ground coffee beans and mix them with a little pinch of black peppercorns and mix it with a coconut oil in the palm of your hand. Mix equal amounts of the ingredients with your fingers. Coconut oil will help release the coffee oils and the black pepper oils into the coconut oil, so they can be easily absorbed by the skin.

Add some water to the mixture, as there are some vitamins and nutrients which can be transported via the water into the skin together with the oils.


Dap it under your eyes, do not rub, but be gentle. Try not to apply it too close to your eye lids.

Leave it on for about 5- 10 minutes, for it to dry and get absorbed into the skin. Then, gently wipe it with wet cloth or wet cotton. Be careful, not to rub, but gently wipe with the cloth, since you should avoid damage of the skin under the eyes.

You can follow it up with a good moisturizer in order to help you reduce any signs of aging.


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