Clean Your Tongue To Stay Healthy

The surface of the tongue possesses a bunch of bacteria, food debris, fungi and dead cells. The tongue must be cleaned every day to avoid diseases, and in particular with the first signs of a cold or flu. This will prevent their further spread and reduce the symptoms of a cold or even to prevent it completely.clean-your-tongue-to-stay-healthy

On a wet toothbrush, dip baking soda and add a little toothpaste. If you have not previously done this, in the beginning it is possible that you have a minor irritation due to this process.

At the beginning, clean only the front part of the tongue lest you be uncomfortable, and then gradually in the middle and the last part (the more thoroughly and deeply, the better).

A healthy tongue has equally pink color. It is recommended to clean the surface of the tongue daily, in the morning and in the evening. Although there are special brushes for tongue cleaning, the ordinary toothbrush will be good enough.

After the procedure, rinse your mouth several times, gargling with water in your mouth. Do not forget to disinfect the brush afterwards, washing it with soda, since bacteria can remain on your toothbrush.

After a few days, the tongue will be clean and your sense of taste will increase, because the receptors are currently congested as a result of irregular cleaning.

In the long run, you will reduce the risk of many diseases, you will rarely have infections of the throat and lungs, you will have a better sense of taste and your breath will be fresh. Your teeth and gums will be healthier since only brushing is not enough if most of these same bacteria remain on the tongue.


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