Clean The Blood Vessels With The Help of This Extraordinary Recipe

The complete body health depends on the blood circulation to a greater extent. That is the reason why the blood vessels must be clean any time, to prevent diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and others.clean-the-blood-vessels-with-the-help-of-this-extraordinary-recipe

We provide you a simple homemade remedy that will effectively cleanse your blood vessels.


  • 5 unpeeled lemons
  • 30 peeled garlic cloves
  • 1 litre sparkling water


  • The night before, put the lemons in salty water and dry them in the morning.
  • Cut lemons in pieces and add all ingredients in a blender.
  • Blend all together.
  • Add 1 litre of water.
  • Cook and boil the mixture, but only once!
  • Drain it and pour it into a bottle.
  • Place in a cool place.

50ml cup of this beverage should be taken before the main meal.  Continue consuming it in the next three weeks. Then, make an eight day break and then start consuming it again. If the treatment is completed, the results are more than noticeable.

This treatment can be done annualy.

The combination of garlic and lemon is the perfect one when it comes to unclogging blood vessels. The blood vessels get cleansed after the first three weeks and the body begins to work ideally. This recipe revives the body in a magnificent way and boosts the entire metabolism. This miraculous drink also keeps you clear from heart surgery and any other cardiovascular disorders.



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