Cholesterol Medication Is More Dangerous Than Cholesterol Itself

Over 100 million people around the world use statin drugs. These drugs deal with premature aging, muscle fatigue, diabetes, memory loss, etc.

Experts at Tulane University in New Orleans revealed that statins “premature age” stem cells that repair cells in the body. Statin drugs bring tens of billions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies every year. Drug companies push statins as “miracle” medicines, but the truth is that these cause severe side effects, which sometimes can be fatal.

UK Express writes that “memory loss, muscle pain, diabetes, cataracts, liver dysfunction, diabetes, fatigue and memory loss” are some of the side effects.

“Statins make regular users become older faster”, explains the Express, “leaving them open to long-term mental and physical decline …”

They also add:

“Scientists have found the heart disease drugs badly affects our stem cells, the internal medical system which repairs damage to our bodies and protects us from muscle and joint pain as well as memory loss … Professor Reza Izadpanah, a stem cell biologist and lead author of the research published in the American Journal of Physiology, said: “Our study shows statins may speed up the aging process.”

Side effects

One of the greatest scientific efforts in this field is the study published in the American Journal of Physiology – Cell Physiology, entitled “The Impact of Statins on Biological Characteristics of Stem Cells Provides a Novel Explanation for Their Pleotropic Beneficial and Adverse Clinical Effects.”

According to the study, statin drug “side effects include memory loss, myopathy, cataract formation, and increased risk of diabetes.” It also warns that “Statins also impaired the expression of DNA repair genes including XRCC4, XRCC6, and Apex1.”

Doctors and drug companies largely recommend the use of the “miracle” statin drugs. Some doctors believe that statins should be added to the water supply. Well, we do have fluoride in our water, right?

The worst thing happens when patients get even more medications to treat the resulting side effects like memory loss, diabetes, muscle fatigue, etc. Statin drugs are actually “gateway drugs” that literally force the patient to use other medications. And yes, pharmaceutical companies earn lots of money.

“High” cholesterol limits lowered

Medics have redefined “high cholesterol” to lower numbers, and healthy people are lured to believe that their cholesterol is pretty high. These people ask for prescriptions, and start using stating. How unfair is this? Panelists at the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology are bribed by the Big Pharma to redefine these numbers, and thus generate huge profits.

Here is what Natural News wrote in 2013:

“Doctors claim the new guidelines will limit how many people with low heart risks are put on statins simply because of a cholesterol number. However, under the new advice, one-third of U.S. adults would meet the threshold to consider taking a statin, more than twice the 15 percent of adults who are recommended statins under current guidelines.

The justification for the panel having half its members with ties to Big Pharma: Ties between heart doctors and Big Pharma are so extensive that it is almost impossible to find a large group of doctors who have no industry ties.”

Natural News has tried to convince readers that statins damage nerves and harm overall health. But, these facts were ignored by the medical establishment, and statins were still considered as the “miracle” cure. It is all profits, people.

Same as the vaccine industry, the statin industry is more interested in profits than saving lives. Researchers at Tulane University raised people’s awareness of the dangers caused by statin drugs.

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