Chinese Clock Predicts Illness And Makes No Mistakes- Here’s Which Organ Of Yours Is In Danger

The Chinese biological clock shows the intervals in which the energy circulates through the parts of our body, and every two hours, it is the strongest in a particular area of ​​our body.chinese-clock-predicts-illness-and-makes-no-mistakes-heres-which-organ-of-yours-is-in-danger

The Chinese biological clock is an ancient method which shows the intervals in which the energy flows in the body. It is the strongest in a different body part on every 2 hours, and thus we can recognize the problem.

At that time, the functions of that body part are performed best, and if there are any issues, symptoms will be most prominent in that time period.

A doctor of Chinese medicine will first ask the patient at what time of day do the symptoms of the disease or disorder in the body appear. Thus, he will know which part of the body is the problem, which means, he will locate the area where the energy circulates with difficulties or where there is too much energy, too, which is not good.

It is advisable to follow the biological clock and write down the time of the day when symptoms appear, such as fatigue, pain, and the like.

Also, it is good to note the time when you have the most energy, and when you wake at night- it also indicates a problem with a particular part of the body.

Time of the strongest functions of the body (12 hours later, the function of this organ will be minimal)

from 5- 7- colon
from 7 -- 9 -- stomach
from 9 -- 11- spleen, pancreas
from 11 – 1pm- heart
from 1pm – 3pm- small intestine
from 3pm -5pm-bladder
from 5pm -- 7 pm-kidneys
from 7pm- 9pm- the heart layer
from 9pm- 11pm- duodenum (thermoregulation)
from 11pm – 1am -- gallbladder
from 1am – 3am -liver
from 3am – 5am -- lungs

When an organ is at its energetic peak, the one  on the opposite side of the biological clock (12 hour difference) is at its the lowest energy level.

For example, if you eat late at night, the food is not well absorbed in the small intestine.

During the time of maximum activity all functions are accelerated. If there are diseases of excess energy, that additionally burdens the appropriate organic system, they then show the strongest symptoms and that is the convenient time to take means to reduce excess energy.


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