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10 Warning Signs Your Adrenals are Burnt Out and What You Need to Fix Them

Adrenal fatigue refers to a condition when the adrenal glands are overworked, which result in hormonal imbalance and low cortisol levels. Adrenal fatigue affects millions of people worldwide.

The usual treatment for this problem includes medication or surgery. However, the good news is that you can treat it in a natural way!

Is Adrenal Fatigue A Hoax?

Most doctors refer to adrenal fatigue as hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysfunction which is a term that describes miscommunication between the brain and adrenals.

Actually, adrenal fatigue is a lack of communication between the brain and the gland. The production of this vital hormone is impaired which leads to low cortisol levels.

The adrenals are responsible for our sex hormones and cortisol (the stress hormone). They manage the function of our thyroid, our stress response, our libido, metabolism and hormone levels. If their function is disrupted, you will deal with many problems.

Constant stress and other factors cause high cortisol levels, which over time can result in depression, anxiety, and neuroendocrine dysfunction.

Adrenal fatigue leads to numerous symptoms including:

  • Brain fog
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Low libido
  • Weight gain
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of focus
  • Digestive problems
  • Depression
  • Sugar and/or salt cravings

This can result in serious problems that will have a negative effect on your daily activities. So, it is extremely important to stop the problem before it leads to further complications.

What Causes Adrenal Fatigue?

There are many factors which can cause adrenal fatigue. The most common ones include stress, alcohol abuse, unhealthy lifestyle and diet, lack of sleep, chronic inflammation, and microbiome imbalance.

The excessive consumption of coffee can overwork the adrenals. Lack of sleep will prevent the ability of your body to regulate hormones and heal. Over years, this will cause your adrenals to suffer.

Fortunately, there is a way to prevent adrenal fatigue.  All, you have to do is take care of your diet and sleep. Include more fruits and vegetables to your diet and make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep.

Also, it is very important to relax as much as you can because stress can trigger adrenal fatigue. Try meditation, yoga or some breathing techniques.  Make sure to reduce your coffee and alcohol, add some probiotics and vitamin C in your diet and eat at regular intervals.

There are four steps in treating this problem

The first one requires going to the doctor. To detect any problems with the adrenals, you should get a saliva test. After doing the test, the doctor will identify your problem and tell you what to do.

The second step includes consuming a nutrient-dense diet. Vegetables should be the base of all your meals. Also, consume high-quality proteins that come from grass-fed meat and fish. Instead of regular salt, you should use sea salt. Also, don’t forget about the healthy fats such as coconut oil, butter and ghee. Last but not least, add some bone broth in your daily diet.

The third step requires adding some supplements in your diet, such as vitamins B and C, probiotics, adaptogenic herbs and nettle and tulsi tea. They can relieve stress and regulate your cortisol production, thus improve the function of your adrenals.

The fourth step of the treatment is restoring your natural circadian rhythm. To put your sleep on a schedule, star sleeping properly. Wake up and go to bed at the same time, eat 4 hours and don’t go to bed later than 11 pm.

You should keep your blood sugar levels in check. Remove sugar and gluten-rich foods from your diet. Probiotics will support your digestion and metabolism and improve your sleep.

To support your adrenals, add adaptogenic herbs into your diet. Try adding ashwagandha, licorice root, holy basil, schizandra, maca root and rhodiola. However, make sure to consult a nutritionist before using any herb!

Source: Alternative Health Universe

Did You Know That Watermelon Rinds Are Actually Very Beneficial To Your Health?

It is a well-known fact that watermelon consists of 91% water. Well, besides its high content of water, watermelon is a nutrient-dense food.

Watermelon is a great source of vitamin A and vitamin C, both of which have a positive effect on your health. Also, it is rich in fiber and potassium which can improve the function of your heart and regulate your blood pressure.

However, you probably didn’t know that watermelon rinds offer plenty of health benefits as well. Perhaps, they are more beneficial than the fruit itself. Yes!

The next time make sure not to throw them away. They contain different amino acids and vitamins that are very beneficial for your health.

Also, the rinds have many vitamins, including vitamin B and vitamin C. Moreover, they contain many amino acids, including the citrulline, which is essential for the proper function of the heart and proper blood circulation.

We should mention that red watermelons contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that can protect your body from numerous diseases and health problems.

Watermelon Rinds Consumption will Boost Your Libido

Watermelon rids are high in citrulline which can improve your sexual drive in a natural way. This means that the consumption of watermelon rinds will boost your libido. Besides boosting the libido, citrulline is very helpful for the moderate erectile dysfunction.

Boost Your Workout with Watermelon Rinds

After a hard workout, our muscles require the very important amino acids we mentioned before-the citrulline. After the training, when you have your chicken or tuna meal, make sure to add some watermelon rinds to boost the effects.

Regulate Blood Pressure with Watermelon Rinds

Watermelon rinds have the ability to eliminate the water stored inside the body. In other words, they are very beneficial for people with hypertension because they can naturally treat and regulate their blood pressure.

It has been scientifically shown that watermelon rinds can effectively regulate your blood pressure.

Lose Weight with Watermelon Rinds

Watermelon rinds are an excellent source of fiber, which is essential for suppressing the appetite and helping weight loss. Watermelon rinds offer potent diuretic properties and can eliminate the water in your body.

They are Beneficial for the Urinary System as Well

Watermelon rinds can maintain the proper function of your kidneys. Actually, they increase urine output and keep the proper function of the urinary system. Moreover, they have the ability to prevent various bacterial infections.

Now that you know all of their benefits, it is time o include the watermelon rinds into your daily diet. They benefit your health in different ways.

Add them to your smoothies, soups, blends, salads and stews and experience all the benefits they offer!

Source: The Healthy Lifestyle

Empty Your Bowels Quickly With This 2-Ingredient Mixture

An incomplete bowel emptying can lead to discomfort, pain and stomach bloating. It is well-known that our diet plays an important part in each process in our body, including our digestion and the bowel movements.

Our bowel is full of accumulated toxins and waste. Normally, our body is eliminating them.

However, if you have a poor digestive system, some of these waste materials will remain inside your body which will lead to different health problems and diseases.

An incomplete bowel emptying is usually caused by poor function of the muscles in the digestive tract. However, you should not be worried since there is a natural remedy that can clean your bowels and improve the function of your digestive system.

It is recommended to do this bowel cleanse two times a year. In this way, you will prevent the accumulation of toxins and waste and protect your body from different health problems.

How to prepare

Needed Ingredients:

  • 5 cups of boiling water
  • 150 g of dates
  • 150 g of plums


Boil the water and add the ingredients. Simmer for 15-20 minutes then turn the heat off. Let it cool.

You should take 1 tablespoon of this remedy in the morning, just after you wake up. This incredible remedy will effectively detoxify your body, treat constipation, empty your bowels and improve your digestive system.

Just by taking a single tablespoon of this remedy a day, you will experience all of its benefits!

Source: The Healthy Lifestyle

The 5-Minute Yoga Routine That Can Help Restore Thyroid Levels

Yoga studios have gained popularity these days. They may be costly, but everyone will give money to do exercises that will relieve their stress.

There is no need to visit these yoga studios in order to perform yoga-you can do it at your home and obtain the same benefits.

It has been shown that besides bringing physical benefits, yoga is a mental and spiritual practice that positively affects your wellbeing.

Is It Worth It?

The experts are examining the physical and mental effect of yoga. However, they don’t manage to come up with a definite answer. Many studies claim that yoga can help you heal your psyche, while others suggest that yoga is very beneficial for treating problems associated with the thyroid.

The thyroid is the most important gland in our body that has various functions. This gland is connected to other glands in our body as well as the immune system. Also, it is responsible for the regulation of the body temperature and the way stress influences our wellbeing.

The toxic elements in our environment can disrupt the function of this gland. So, forget about treating the problems with prescription pills and instead try yoga poses which can balance the production of your thyroid hormone and improve your wellbeing.

These 2 are best:

Sarvanga Asana

The word asana means still while sarvanga is translated as “entire body”. This yoga pose is very effective for keeping your posture straight. It improves your blood flow and refreshes your thyroid.

Your body is an upside-down position, so the pressure on the throat and nervous system can boost the activity of the sarvanga and pineal glands and improve your health in general.

You should lie down on the back with your legs together. Lift them in a direction to the ceiling. Put the hands on the lower back when lifting the hips off the floor. Make sure not to rush. Support your back with your elbows.

In this position, the thyroid is pressed to your chin. Make sure to maintain a straight line with your body. Don’t forget to take deep breaths.

Matsya Asana

Translated as “swimming fish in water”, this yoga pose is perfect for your thyroid gland. Despite improving the function of your thyroid, Matsya Asana also has a positive effect on your central nervous system. You should lie down in a dorsal position, cross your legs to switch the lotus position.

Lift your back off the floor and push the top of the head into the floor in order to form an arch with your body.

Source: Best Healthy Guide

Healthy Holistic Living

How Drinking Green Juice Every Day Helped This Man Lose Weight Very Fast

Do you like your body? Are you satisfied with your energy and the way your body looks? If you are, keep the good work! Most people are feeling tired all time and they don’t have the energy to go throughout the day.

However, by hating your body, you will not achieve anything. The first and most important thing is to love yourself for who you are no matter what. This is the first step to getting in shape and losing weight. By focusing on your goal and making some lifestyle changes, you have the power to do everything!

Also, we are not suggesting a crash diet, but including some green juices that will supply your body with nutrients, help you lose weight and improve your health in general.

What Is Green Juice?

Green juice is prepared with green veggies and other herbs and superfoods.To prepare it, you can juice green fruits or use green juice powder such as Organifi. No matter what you choose, it is good for your body and your overall health.

Green juices offer many benefits and can significantly improve your overall health. According to many studies, they can reduce the risk of various diseases and even premature death, reduce inflammation, protect your cells from damage, delay the aging process, improve digestion and physical performance, and prevent different ailments including cancer.

It has been shown that people who consumed more than 7 servings of fruit and vegetables a day have 42% reduced risk of premature death and 25% reduced risk of cancer.

So, you may know how beneficial fruits and vegetables are, but do you really eat them often? To include them in your daily diet, try juicing! It is very easy and simple and you will supply your body with all the essential nutrients.

How Green Juice Saved People’s Lives

A lot of people have experienced amazing results by juicing green fruits and veggies. They helped them lose weight and improve their health in general. Just buy a juicer and you will enjoy all the benefits of juicing.

Typically, the American diet includes excess sodium, sugar, calories, and carbs. In other words, it is quite unhealthy. People are addicted to sugar, sodas, coffee, and pizza. To reduce your weight and actually save your life, you should immediately limit your sugar consumption and start juicing.

What Should We Know About Green Juice

Green juice can improve your digestion and provide your body with phytochemicals and essential nutrients. It can alkalize your body, by changing your pH and neutralizing acids in the body and preventing the development of serious conditions and conditions.

It has been scientifically shown that a body with a pH of 7.4 can prevent the growth and development of cancer cells, while a body with a pH of 8.5 will kill them.

Juicing and an alkaline diet can neutralize your body and prevent different health problems.

Rich In Micronutrients

As a result of the depletion of vitamins and minerals from the soil along with the constant use of pesticides, we are not able to supply our body with the needed nutrients.

Moreover, many people do not eat proper food which means that they need micronutrients more than ever. Fortunately, green juice is an excellent source of micronutrients. It is never been easier to get the essential nutrients! Just add green juice to your daily diet and you will enjoy all the benefits.

Boosts your energy levels

Green juices are abundant in potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K and other essential nutrients which are very beneficial for your cells. If you need an energy boost, don’t hesitate to try these juices.

Great For Your Brain

By proving your body with essential nutrients, juicing can improve the function of your brain and improve your memory.

Improves Digestion

Green juice unclogs your system and eliminates toxins and chemicals from your gut. It improves your digestion and relieves different digestive problems.

Relieves Stress

Besides making you age faster, stress can cause various other health problems. Luckily, green juices have the ability to relieve stress. Green fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C and tryptophan which will reduce stress and help you relax.

Promotes better sleep

If your body is deficient in magnesium, you are more likely to experience insomnia and other sleeping disorders. Fortunately, green juices provide your body with magnesium and improve your sleep, thus prevent insomnia.

Promotes weight loss

As we said before, juicing will significantly boost your digestion and help you lose the excess pounds.

How Do You Start?

First of all, you need a good juicer. Then, it is very important to pick the right ingredients. Use green fruit and veggies such as spinach and apples.

However, make sure not to stick to them every day. To make juicing effective, try to use different ingredients. In this way, you will supply your body with various nutrients. Keep in mind that all the juices should be sugar-free.

Also, you can try Organifi green powder. It will save your time while at the same time it will give you all the benefits of juicing.

Here are a few recipes you can try:

Needed Ingredients:

  • 1 cucumber
  • 3 celery stalks
  • A handful of spinach and kale
  • A bunch of mint
  • ½ inch ginger
  • ¼ lemon


Put the ingredients in a blender and mix well. Drink the juice immediately.

Check out this recipe as well:

Needed Ingredients:

  • 1 cucumber
  • 3 celery stalks
  • A handful or romaine lettuce and kale
  • ¼ lime
  • A handful of parsley


Put the ingredients in a juicer and mix everything well. Enjoy your juice in the morning.


Source: Alternative Health Universe

Amazing Benefits Of Aloe Vera. Never Spend Money On Chemicals And Meds Again

Even though they are native to tropical areas, Aloe plants are common household plants in many climates. Growing an aloe vera plant is an easy process-you just have to follow some simple rules.

This plant requires slight fertilization, warm weather, and occasional watering.

Aloe Vera plant offers astonishing healing properties that are found in the thick, meaty leaves, in the oozing gel.

You can purchase Aloe Vera juice in every health food store. However, it is better to prepare it on your own. It is very important to cut off the largest leaves because they are richer in the beneficial gel.

So, let’s find out more how Aloe Vera benefits your body!

9 health benefits of taking aloe vera orally

  • Boosts immunity
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Improves the function of the urinary tract
  • Treats indigestion and relieves heartburn
  • Treats digestive disorders, including colitis, IBS, bloating, constipation, and upset stomach
  • Strengthens heart and improves blood count
  • Stimulates the production of leukocytes and healthy cells in cancer patients
  • Strengthens and heals gums
  • Relieves arthritis-induces inflammation

9 health benefits of using aloe vera topically

  • Treats acne and eczema
  • Heals burns and sunburns
  • Relieves itching caused by bug bites
  • Soothes rashes, boils and similar skin problems
  • Shaving gel substitute
  • Shampoo substitute
  • Accelerates the healing of wounds
  • Moisturizes and nourishes skin
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

Source: The Healthy Food House

If You Suffer From Foot, Knee Or Hip Pain, Here Are 6 Exercises To Kill It

As a second largest cause of chronic pain in the US, knee pain affects about 25% people of the population in the country.

Even those without knee pain, suffer from fatigue and minor injuries. If you are looking a way to get rid of them, we have the perfect solution for you!
We have a few exercises that will relieve the pain in your hips, feet, and knees, and make you feel better.

Heel raises

Grab a chair and stand behind it. You should raise one of your legs and gradually raise the heel of the other legs until you are on your toes. Then, slowly bring the heed back on the floor. You should repeat this exercise 10-15 times on each leg. It is very effective for strengthening the ankles and knee muscles.

Toe walking

You can do this simple exercise while doing other chores. All you have to do is walk around on your toes at a fast pace. By doing this, you will improve calves, toes and feet balls. You should do this exercise for 5-15 minutes or until you feel tired.

Ankle circles

Sit down or stand up and raise one leg. Gradually rotate the foot of that leg in a circular movement. Repeat this 10 times inwards and 10 times outwards, 2-3 times per leg.

Resistance band

Fix a resistance band around a couch leg. Put one of your legs underneath the other, a bit bent at the knee. Grab the bend with the foot of the leg on top.

Gradually pull the bend, making sure to bend your foot toward your head. Repeat this movement 10-15 times per leg. This exercise will strengthen your calves and outer thigh muscles.

Toe games

In a standing position, you should curl your toes and put a towel or pebbles on the floor and grab onto it with your toes.

Walking on balls

Sit on a chair, put your foot on the ball and step on it. Push the ball with your foot towards the toes and then backward. Enjoy the massage for 5-10 min.


If you have hip and knee pain you should know that foot massage and acupressure are really helpful. Place your thumbs on the spots you can see on the picture for 15 minutes. This will eliminate the pain and relax your feet and body.

Source: Alternative Health Universe

How The Position You Sleep In Affects Your Health

The average person spends 7-8 hours in the bed every day. This means that he/she spends more than 25 years of our life sleeping. It is a fact that sleep is one of the most important things in our life. With sleep, we revitalize our cells, boost the function of the brain and help our body to heal itself.

So, it is of utmost importance to ensure that we are sleeping in a proper way.

Today, we will tell you more about the most common sleeping positions and how they actually impact your sleep and your health in general.

The Soldier Position

This is one of the best sleeping positions.


  • Prevents wrinkles
  • Treats insomnia
  • Treats acid reflux and heartburn
  • Keeps your breasts perky
  • Reduces the risk of headaches

This position is great for your spine, arms and neck;


  • May cause lower back pain
  • It pulls the tongue down, so it may aggravate snoring
  • May affect the fetus in pregnant women

To keep your body in a more natural position, make sure to sleep without a pillow. Also, to prevent lower back pain, place a big pillow under your knees.

The Starfish Position

This position is very effective against acid reflux and insomnia.


  • Treats insomnia
  • Prevents skin problems such as wrinkles
  • Reduces the risk of headaches
  • Great for the spine and back
  • Treats acid reflux and heartburn


  • May aggravate snoring in patients with sleep apnea
  • May cause lower back pain
  • May put excessive pressure on the shoulders and cause pain

If you sleep in the starfish position, make sure to sleep without a pillow. In this way, you will reduce the risk of these problems.

The Log Position

This position is sleeping on the right or left side of the body in a straight line. Experts recommend sleeping on the left side due to the many benefits it offers.


  • Prevents neck and back pain
  • Perfect for the spine
  • Improves digestion
  • Best for pregnant women


  • Top leg doesn’t have proper support, so you may experience back or hip pain
  • It causes neck pain in some cases
  • May cause wrinkles and saggy breasts and accelerate skin aging

Use a big pillow and put another pillow between your thighs.

The Yearner position

This position is sleeping on the left side with the arms outstretched.


  • Relieves heartburn
  • Prevents back and neck pain
  • Eliminates waste from the brain which may cause dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Reduces the risk of snoring and sleep apnea
  • People sleeping in this position are less likely to wake up during the night


  • The compression on the nerves may strain organs such as the stomach and liver
  • May cause saggy breasts and premature aging
  • Due to the lack of proper blood flow, it may cause shoulder and arm pain

To reduce the risk of wrinkles, make sure to put a pillow between your knees and sleep on a satin pillow.

The Fetal position

This position is sleeping with your chin down and your knees drawn in a direction to the chest. Most women prefer this position. Experts recommend sleeping on the left side because it offers various benefits.


  • Reduces snoring
  • It is recommended for pregnant women
  • It reduces acid reflux


  • May cause wrinkles and saggy breasts
  • May strain the neck and back

Use a firm pillow and change sides during the night!

The Freefall position

This position requires lying on the stomach which is not recommended by experts.


  • Reduces snoring in some cases


  • Stresses various organs
  • Strains the back and spine too much
  • As a result of the lack of proper flood in the face, it can cause wrinkles

It is recommended to avoid this position as much as possible. However, if you can’t sleep in another, make sure to put a pillow underneath the stomach.

Source: Alternative Health Universe