By Pressing These Baby’s Feet Points You Can Make Them Stop Crying Right Away!

Reflexology is an alternative medicine branch, and it involves stimulation or applying pressure on certain spots of the body. It has been used for centuries, and history says that it was first used in ancient China. Most pressure points are located on the feet, and these spread throughout the entire body, meaning that each spot is related with a particular organ in the body.

Given that reflexology is a natural healing method, it is especially recommended for babies. Infants tend to cry whenever they feel pain or discomfort, and moms are ‘dying’ to find the best way to help their babies.

How can you calm your sweet baby?

Head / Teeth

Gently massage the tips of your baby’s toes to relieve issues with its head (teeth), or any condition that affects the part above the neck area. Stimulate these points to relieve the teething process.


Apply a mild pressure on the center of your child’s does to relieve problems associated with the sinuses, including runny nose, common cold or other respiratory issue.

Solar plexus

The toe area is linked to numerous nerves located in the area between the stomach and the lungs commonly known as the solar plexus. This spot is near the upper part of the foot arch, or at the point where the arch ends and the foot touches ground.

Upper and lower abdomen

The arch area of your baby’s foot is connected with the abdomen. The upper part of the arch is linked to the abdomen, and by stimulating this area you can relieve digestive issues like bowel obstruction and heartburn.

Applying pressure on the lower part of the arch relieves post-digestive issues like constipation and bloating.


Stimulate the heels of your baby’s feet to work its pelvis. This will relieve muscle tightness and posture issues.

Keep in mind that reflexology is not the final cure for any disease. It is only a way to relieve pain induced by numerous ailments. Medical assistance is of crucial importance, so the first thing you need to do is ask for a professional advice. The stimulation of certain parts of the body will only relieve both pain and stress.

Source: Healthy Natural Team


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