Blood Type Teas – Choose The Best Tea For Your Blood Type

Each blood type has different needs, so as it may determine the diet nutrition, so it can decide the drinks that are best for it.blood-type-teas-choose-the-best-tea-for-your-blood-type

Given that we are in a period when tea is often consumed, here’s how to choose the best one according to your blood type:

Blood type 0

When it comes to the diet, those who have this blood type should consume meat, and should avoid dairy products and gluten. Although they deal with stress well, they are usually bothered by stomach acids. Tea that is recommended for people with blood group 0 is on a basis of ginger, ginseng, green tea and mate, which is a known substitute for coffee.

Blood type A

These are very emotional and analytical people, prone to stress, because they have consistently high levels of Cortisol, the stress hormone. Although coffee does not bother them, their need for mostly plant foods, meditation and yoga, will perfectly be complemented by daily consumption of jasmine tea, a mixture of silver jasmine and green tea, as well as a mixture of marigold and thyme.

Blood type B

People with blood type B have a slow metabolism, are prone to autoimmune diseases, obesity, lethargy, chronic fatigue and irregular sleep. They have resistant digestive system, but a little defense against bacteria, especially the bacterium Escherichia coli. It is advisable to drink young green tea, organic green or red Rooibos, and a imuno- mixture from Bose, Rooibos, sage and lemon balm.

Blood type AB

People who have this group are intuitive, not as prone to stress, but have decreased libido. You should focus on specific types of green tea, mint, peony, sandalwood, and rice drinks. Ideal choice of tea for them is a mixture of green tea and mint. For men with this blood type, it is especially recommended to consume a mixture of nettles, mint and Rooibos.

Source: Healthy Food House


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