Be aware! – These Are The Possible Causes Of Weight Gain

  1. Hereditary tendency

The tendency toward bigger weight can be hereditary. The kind of body we will have is predetermined in our genetic predisposition.  It does not mean that the child will be slim if his parents are slim. Genes tend to “skip”

  1. Imbalances

The main rule is: you must burn what you have consumed. That is, if you enter 1,000 calories, you have to burn them, otherwise, this simple equation loses balance and other unburned calories will remain or will be converted into fat and will build up in the body. In the beginning, this excess is deposited on the stomach, thighs, and later, with time and age, in the blood vessels, which slowly but surely get older, and lead to cardiovascular diseases at a certain critical age.

  1. Bad habits

In the morning, you quickly consume your breakfast; for lunch- you consume something too fat and at night, you eat too much and too late. It is well- known that the exchange of substances and the calorie expenditure is minimal during the night. With such kind of a diet, obesity is inevitable.

  1. Education and personal example

Children often imitate or accept the habits of their parents, and we are not even aware of it. The mother should be responsible for the healthy and nutritive diet of her child. If, for example, your diet is abundant in sweets, do not expect your kids to want to eat copious amounts of cabbage, broccoli, celery, carrots.

  1. Different metabolism

Some people simply have a fast metabolism and can consume more than 3500 calories a day without gaining weight. In contrast, even the water can be fattening for others. Few people have the luck to be able to eat what they want, without gaining weight.

  1. When the body feels the best

Despite the desired body figure, there is an adequate weight that the body pursues and tries to return to when losing weight. In the long run, only a deviation of two to three kilograms is possible.

  1. Reserves -- quantitative and qualitative ones from the childhood

Fat cells, their number and size are produced in our early childhood and as such remain in the body throughout our life. Sure, it does not necessarily mean that the fat child will always be fat, or a fat person will remain fat forever, but there is a potential possibility. It depends on the parents whether the child will use the opportunity to lose weight, and later in life, it depends on himself personally and his life attitudes and style. Fat cells never die, they only empty and wait for a refilling. There is a theory that suggests that they even multiply and therefore, never lose control.

  1. Psychological reasons

Our brain does not respond appropriately to frustration, stress and anger. It needs increased amounts of calories and energy. Physical activities are the best option to overcome this problem. Any sport is an excellent absorber of stress, frustration and anger of any nature. Even some exercises at home or in the office can be of great help.


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