An Interesting Coincidence: The Appearance Of The Fruit You Eat Shows The Body Organ It Cures

Avocados, tomatoes and pears positively affect the health and function of the womb -- and that is exactly how they look

Obviously everything is connected.

Tomato -- heartan-interesting-coincidence-the-appearance-of-the-fruit-you-eat-shows-the-body-organ-it-cures


The tomato has chambers and is red, just like the heart. Studies show that the tomato is full of potassium and iron, which are especially good food for the heart and blood.

Walnut -- brainan-interesting-coincidence-the-appearance-of-the-fruit-you-eat-shows-the-body-organ-it-cures

The core of the walnut resembles the brain, it contains a left and a right hemisphere, and it even has folds which resemble the brain grooves. It is well known that walnuts create neural transmitters of the brain functions.

Celery -- bonesan-interesting-coincidence-the-appearance-of-the-fruit-you-eat-shows-the-body-organ-it-cures

Celery is similar in appearance to bones, but it also affects their strength. Bones contain 23% sodium, which is the same as this food.

Avocado -- uterusan-interesting-coincidence-the-appearance-of-the-fruit-you-eat-shows-the-body-organ-it-cures

If a woman eats one avocado a week, the hormones will be in balance and it will reduce the chances of cancer of the uterus and ovaries. The most interesting thing about it all is that it takes 9 months for the avocado to become fruit of the original flower.

Sweet potato -- pancreasan-interesting-coincidence-the-appearance-of-the-fruit-you-eat-shows-the-body-organ-it-cures

Not only it looks like the pancreas, but it also balances the sugar levels in blood.

Carrot -- eyesan-interesting-coincidence-the-appearance-of-the-fruit-you-eat-shows-the-body-organ-it-cures

In cross section, the carrot looks like the human eye. Indeed, it’s been long since science has proven that carrots increase blood flow and improve the function of the eyes.

Grapefruit -- female breastsan-interesting-coincidence-the-appearance-of-the-fruit-you-eat-shows-the-body-organ-it-cures

Oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits, besides resembling to female breasts, also help the lymph to move through the breast and thus prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Ginger -- stomachan-interesting-coincidence-the-appearance-of-the-fruit-you-eat-shows-the-body-organ-it-cures

Ginger looks like this organ, but it also relieves sickness and flatulence.  It contains special enzymes that improve digestion and prevent strong cramps, prevent the occurrence of ulcers, and keep the mucous membrane.

Mushrooms -- Earan-interesting-coincidence-the-appearance-of-the-fruit-you-eat-shows-the-body-organ-it-cures

The intersection of a mushroom is identical to the shell of the ear. Moreover, only a few mushrooms a day can improve your hearing, since they are among the few foods that contain vitamin D.


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