After Reading This, You Will Stop Throwing Away Pasta Water

Let’s admit it- we all simply love pasta! We enjoy eating penne, rigatoni, tagliatelle and spaghetti. Pasta is so delicious that we just cannot resist eating it!after-reading-this-you-will-stop-throwing-away-pasta-water

What’s more, its preparation is so simple and easy, so it is a perfect meal whenever we have guests in the house, in the evening when we do not have enough time for cooking, or in any part of the day!

All you need to do in order to prepare your favorite dish is to boil some water, add some salt and put the pasta in it. Yet, after being prepared, we throw away the water in which we cooked the pasta, as we regard it to be absolutely useless. Yet, just like in the case of rice water, this water has amazing benefits!

Hence, read how to use this water again:

  1. Cooking

Pasta water can serve to steam the food, in order to cook it in an economical way.

  1. Soak Legumes

Legumes like beans, peas, lentils, are beneficial for the immune system, so soak them in this water to enhance their properties.

  1. Pizza and Bread Dough

Pasta water can be the salty water you need for the preparation of all types of yeast-dough.

  1. Sauce and Pesto

Combine pasta water with the other ingredients to improve the taste of your dish.

  1. Hair

Believe it or not, the massage of the hair with pasta water will improve the damaged and dry hair, and it will enhance its quality. Afterwards, wash it with shampoo as usually.

  1. Feet Spa

In order to treat the sore and swollen feet, soak your feet in the warm macaroni water.

  1. Watering Flowers

Pasta water is high in nutrients, so it will provide numerous benefits to your plans. Therefore, water your plants with lukewarm, pasta water and you will notice positive results.


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