Acne Drugs And Vitamin D Deficiency Can Impair Vision

The blue light from computers and cell phones causes dryness of the eyes, the lack of sunlight leads to nearsightedness, and the occurrence of blurry vision is the first sign of diabetes.acne-drugs-and-vitamin-d-deficiency-can-impair-vision

The lack of vitamin D causes vision problems

Despite screen radiation, vision problems may be a consequence of lack of vitamin D. Studies have confirmed that those who consume the recommended daily intake of vitamin D have a 44 percent lower risk of macular degeneration, a disease of the central part of the retina that destroys central vision, and is most common in the elderly.

Blueberries improve our night vision

The main culprit for poor night vision is oxidative stress, which can be prevented with the consumption of blueberries. They contain anthocyanin which improves night vision and increases blood flow to the eye. Acne remedies also cause vision problems.

Blurry vision is the first sign of diabetes

Blurry vision may be one of the first signs of diabetes type 2. This disease prevents blood flow to parts of the cornea, which can cause blindness.


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