A Vitamin That Every Woman Needs, And You Certainly Are Absolutely Unaware Of

You want fewer wrinkles and healthy teeth? Now, it is possible with the help of vitamin K2, a vitamin that every lady should consume.  a-vitamin-that-every-woman-needs-and-you-certainly-are-absolutely-unaware-of

Find out all that interests you about this vitamin that is essential for your overall health.

Why is vitamin K2 so important?

This vitamin is prevention for everything, from the first appearance of wrinkles up to cancer. Many women do not need to take extra calcium, but vitamin K2 keeps calcium levels in the normal range. Everyone is talking about the benefits of vitamin D, but without vitamin K2, our body has no benefit of vitamin D.

Here’s why it’s important to regularly intake K2:

Bone health -- Calcium plays an important role when it comes to the bones, especially their density.

Teeth health-- caries, tooth sensitivity and other mouth problems can be reduced or completely prevented by regular intake of vitamin K2 diet.

Cardiovascular system -- the creation of a clot in the blood is a direct consequence of insufficient intake of this vitamin. Calcium deposits are actually those who create blood clots and it is important to ingest K2 in order to shift calcium to the veins and arteries.

Wrinkles -- when you see an adult woman with perfect skin, you should know that she has no shortage of this vitamin. At the same time, the signs of aging (wrinkles and saggy skin) are associated with bone health.

Health of the veins -- Varicose veins belong to cardiovascular diseases, and calcium which is not located in places where it should be, causes these health problems.

Where can vitamin K2 be found?

The best source of all other vitamins, as well as this one, is the food. Unfortunately, foods that are rich in this vitamin are not often part of our meals. Therefore, try as often as possible to consume the following products:

  • Natto (fermented soybeans)
  • Liver of goose
  • Dairy products that come from animals that are fed exclusively on pasturesCheese, especially brie and gouda


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