A Natural Formula for Growing Your Nails at Home

You may like your nails nice and done, but that expensive manicure actually harms their structure.

Your weekly visit to your favorite beauty salon will cost you more than you pay.

8 Ways to strengthen your nails

Massage your cuticles

Gently massage your cuticles for 15-20 seconds to improve blood circulation and stimulate their growth.

Do this every night before you go to bed.

Flex your fingers

Have you noticed that the nails on your dominant hand grow much faster than your other hand? Yes, you have got it right. It is because the dominant hand is more active than your other hand, and blood flows better through. Moreover, its muscles are much stronger.

Clench your fingers several times a day to get your nails growing faster.

Take care of your cuticles

You may not believe it, but leaving the cuticles down along your nails actually affects the growth of your nails. Carefully push the cuticles back using a cuticle pusher. You can also use a coin or just the back of any medicine blister pack.

Moisturize your cuticles

Apply cuticle oil regularly to keep your cuticles moist and nourished.

You can also use lip butter.

Do this by dipping a Q-tip in your lip butter, and apply it over your cuticles.

Repeat this every day.

Give your nails a nice shape

Shaping your nails balances the pressure on the nerves set at the nail bed.

In this way your nails will grow much faster.

Make sure that your nails are similar to their top and bottom.

Use the right polish

Use calcium base coat to strengthen your nails.

Try finding a calcium based polish as well.

Moisturize your nails

Apply nail oil or glycerin regularly and you will never ever have brittle nails again.

Do not use nail polish removers

Nail sprays, removers and acetone weaken the structure of your nails.

Use oil based remover wipes instead to protect them.

Source: Time For Natural Health  Care


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