8 Vegetables You Buy Once And Regrow Forever How To Grow Them Full Tips

Growing your veggies at home is a nice way of having fresh produce on hand all the time. You do not have to run to the grocery every other day.8-vegetables-you-buy-once-and-regrow-forever-how-to-grow-them-full-tips

It may take you some time, but you will sure love the benefits of homegrown vegetables. They save you money, plus they grow well indoors.

Re-grow new plants from fresh scraps, but keep in mind that these require plenty of water and light.


You can grow carrot greens from carrot tops. Place them in a shallow container with just a little water, and keep it in a well-lit room. You can have them on your window sill.

Carrot greens have a slightly bitter taste, but when combined with garlic and vinegar, they sure taste great.


Use your leftover celery bottom. Slice the base off, and set it in a shallow dish or any container of your choice. Keep it well exposed to sun.

You should notice how young leaves grow in the middle of the base. Plant them in potting soil after 3 days.


Use any discarded roots for this one. Leave about an inch of the scallion, and dip them in a glass of water. Keep the glass in a well-lit room.

Bok choy

Set the root ends of the plant in water. Make sure they get enough light. Transfer them to a pot with soil after 1-2 weeks. Watch how the new head grows.


Use basil cuttings to re-grow new basil, but make sure they come with their stems, which should be 3-4 inches long. Soak your basil clippings in a glass of water, and keep them well exposed to sun.

When the roots grow about 2 inches in length, plant them in pots. You will enjoy full basil plants in a while. Make sure you change the water regularly, unless you want to grow slimy basil plant.

Romaine lettuce

New lettuce can grow from the bottom of a lettuce head you have already used. Place the stumps in half an inch of water.

You will notice how new leaves and roots grow in just a few days. Plant the romaine lettuce in a pot. Young leaves may grow twice the size. Cabbages can be re-grown in the same way.


Cilantro stems grow well when soaked in water. Once the roots grow to your liking, plant them in pots.

Keep the pots in rooms with ample lighting. New plants will grow in just a few months.


Grow garlic sprouts from garlic cloves. Simple as that. New sprouts have a mild taste, and you can use them to your pasta dishes, salads, and other delicacies. Once you notice new sprouts, place your garlic in a glass that you have filled with some water.

Source: Weekly Healthy Life


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