8 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Love Beetroot

We will all agree that unwashed and unpeeled beetroot does not look attractive at all, but its fans do not need boosting to include this healthy grocery in the diet.  For those ones who simply do not like the beetroot, here’s a reminder of why you should have it more often on your menu.8-amazing-reasons-why-you-should-love-beetroot

  1. It helps in cases of anemia. The first advice a doctor will give you in case of diagnosis of iron deficiency in the blood is the more frequent consumption of beets. Since it is loaded with iron, the beetroot is advisable to be consumed during the menstrual cycle.
  2. The beetroot represents a golden mine for minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and sulfur. It is also rich in vitamins from the B group, the folic acid as most emphasized of them all and vitamin C which is a great choice for pregnant women.
  3. To present silica helps for a better absorption of calcium in the body and contributes to the health of hair, nails, skin and bones.
  4. When eaten in its raw version, it contains betaine, a “detoxifying” ingredient that helps the liver function. From its 500 functions, the most important are those relating to the cleansing of toxins, excess secretion of hormones and fats, in which the beetroot is its greatest ally.
  5. The pigment anthocyanins, which gives the red color to the beetroot, acts on the suppression of malignant disease, that is, reduces tumor cells and helps the infested tissue to regain its normal cell structure.
  6. It restores blood since it is a natural aid in the treatment of leukemia.
  7. If consumed regularly, beetroot affects on the reduction of elevated pressure.
  8. The juice of beetroot and in general, all vegetable juices, are rich in nitrates -- that reduce oxygen consumption during exercise. With regular consumption, these double their level and thus affect the muscle endurance during exercise.

Source: Healthy Food House


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