7 Simple Ways You Can Unclog Your Arteries Naturally

It is scientifically proven that atherosclerosis is the number one cause of death.

Fortunately, there is a way to prevent and in some cases even reverse this complex condition, influenced by various factors including autoimmunity, infection, and dietary incompatibilities.

We will present you foods which are significantly beneficial and can help you to prevent atherosclerosis:


It is an interesting fact that boosting your B-complex intake can help you to prevent the occurrence of heart disease.

The journal Atherosclerosis published a study in 2005, which proved that taking 2.5 mg folic acid, 25 mg Vitamin B6, and 0.5 mg Vitamin B12 for 1 year can reduce the arterial thickness. Actually, even niacin and folic acid alone can provide the same effects. It is recommended to take B-Vitamins from natural sources such as whole food extract or probiotic supplementation. Make sure to avoid synthetic or semi-synthetic versions.


Garlic can provide many health benefits including reducing cholesterol and regressing plaque buildup in the arteries. Its ability to act as a preventive agent and treat atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases is widely acknowledged.


Pomegranate has the ability to regress plaque buildup in the arteries as well. It can be used as an effective hormone therapy which reverses the symptoms related to reversed ovaries.

Fermented Cabbage

Kimchi is traditional Korean side dish made of fermented cabbage and hot pepper which has anti-atherosclerotic properties. To be more specific, it was found to attenuate atherosclerotic process in animals.  Moreover, kimchi can degrade toxins which can cause further damage.

L- arginine

L-arginine is an amino acid which has the ability to prevent arterial thickening. According to more than 30 studies done on arginine supplementation,  this amino acid can provide 150 health benefits including addressing underlying dysfunction related to cardiovascular disease.


Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, has powerful cardioprotective properties and this is proved by numerous studies. According to one study, turmeric can prevent damage to the arteries related to blockage.

Sesame seed

Sesame seed has powerful cardioprotective and pain-relieving properties. It can prevent the progression of atherosclerosis and the formation of atherosclerosis lesion.

Even though the risk of atherosclerosis mostly depends on family history, your daily diet plays an essential role as well. Along with the healthy foods above which you need to incorporate in your diet, it is very important to be physically active, give up smoking, and control your weight.

Source: Best Healthy Guide


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