7 Popular Food Combinations That Can Ruin Your Health

There are a few popular food combinations that everyone wants to enjoy without being aware of the fact that combining these foods can only ruin their health.

When talking about the perfect milkshake, you surely first think of bananas and milk. When it comes to salad, cucumbers and tomatoes are the first on the list. Well, it is time to change that since some of these popular combinations are no good for your health. In fact, they affect your digestive system for the worst. Check them out!

Milk and Banana

It is very simple when your breakfast is ready in less than a minute! All you have to do is put a few bananas in a blender with a splash of milk!! This banana milkshake is an energy booster.

Well, according to dieticians and nutritionists, you should consume sweet fruits separately than other food items. These fruits contain sugar that takes a bit longer to digest. However, even though bananas taste sweeter, their post-digestion effect is different – bananas are sour and milk is sweet.

Dairy and Pineapple

Pineapples have an enzyme which can turn dairy sour. Make sure to avoid this combination because it can cause heartburn and indigestion. So, forget about the pineapples and try using dried apricots, plums or peaches.

Beer and Nuts

Everyone loves the combination of beer and nuts. Well, this popular combination has a negative effect on your stomach. These nuts are usually salted and salt can lead to dehydration. Adding beer to this is only making the things worse.

Potato and Meat

You can’t resist the combination of steak, fried chips, baked potatoes, or mashed potatoes, right? Well, you should know that our digestive system can’t deal with this combination.

Our stomach releases alkalotic digestive fluids to digest the starch found in the potatoes and the acidic fluids to help digest the meal. These acids can cause heartburn, gas and even ulcers. So, instead of potatoes, opt for green vegetables.

Pasta and Minced Meat

Pasta is packed with starch. The stomach produces amylase and ptyalin to digest this and convert into simple sugar. These sugars combined with the protein from the meat can form chemical compounds which can lead to diabetes. So, make sure to have the pasta separately only with herbal sauces.

Tomatoes and Cucumbers

You may think that these two are the perfect combination for your salad. Well, tomatoes and cucumbers can affect the metabolic rates of our body and alter biochemical pathways. Also, they can cause swelling, bloating, and excessive calcination.

Sandwich and coffee

This is definitely the most popular lunch combination in offices. However, coffee and cheese sandwiches are not good for your health. The bread contains carbs that can prevent the calcium from the cheese from being digested in the right way. Add coffee to this, and there it is! The worst combination ever!

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