5 Things To Avoid For A Healthy Kidney And A Juice Recipe To Repair It

Table salt is not the best ingredient to add to your meals, because this refined product triggers the creation of kidney and gallbladder stones. But, we have a great juice recipe that will provide you with the minerals you need to heal your condition and cleanse your kidneys.

Celery contains organic sodium which helps in reversing damage caused by sodium chloride or refined salt. It will also bring the right minerals to your body.

This juice is an excellent diuretic, meaning that you will have to go to the toilet more often. Frequent urination will cleanse your kidneys, and thus prevent the creation of stones. You can also use the following tips and introduce some healthy changes to your lifestyle habits, especially if you have a genetic predisposition for kidney stones.

  • Drink lots of water, preferably about 3 liters a day. If you need a more accurate number, drink the amount that fits your weight.
  • Urinate whenever you need, because holding the urge will only cause you a greater problem.
  • Cut off the intake of foods rich in sugar, salt, and fats.
  • Avoid soy products at any price, especially if they have not gone through a fermentation process. Soy foods are rich in oxalates. These bind with calcium, and thus turn into kidney stones.
  • Eat more leafy greens. These vegetables are abundant in minerals, including magnesium.

Juice recipe


  • 2 large cucumbers
  • 8 celery stalks
  • 2 pears*
  • ½ lemon

*Diabetics can use a green apple instead of the pears.

Source: Healthier Way Of Life


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