5 Signs Your Himalayan Salt Lamp is a Fake!

The very first time I saw a Himalayan salt lamp, the only thing that crosses my mind is that this is the coolest thing I ever saw, based only on how it looked.

It can provide a number of benefits including improving your sleep and mental clarity, cleansing the air in your room, etc.

Unfortunately, as the time passed and its popularity significantly increased, these Himalayan salt lamps become the main target for counterfeiters.

So, if you plan to buy one, you should be very careful and keep an eye out for not only to protect your wallet but yourself as well.

5 Signs Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Is Fake

It’s white and cost next to nothing

Compared to the Pink Himalayan salt, the White variety is harder to find. As such, these white Himalayan salt lamps cost a few times more as much. Its price is more than $50 online. So, the question is what actually you get for that price jump? Apart from the rarity, white Himalayan salts are also the preferred variety for healing and detoxification.

It’s indestructible

Himalayan salt lamps, particularly the white ones are fragile. So, if you’ve dropped your lamp, or the shipping box has arrived with some signs of damage and the lamp still looks good as new, you can be sure that it is not 100% genuine.

It’s super heavy… Yet it emits light well

When a Himalayan salt lamp exceeds 20 pounds, it will no longer emit light in a uniform pattern. This is nothing but the nature of the genuine Himalayan salt. So, if you have a big honkin’ lamp that light up the entire bedroom, this is a good indicator that this lamp is not made of real salt.

The lamp handles moisture well

According to the manufacturers of genuine Himalayan salt, the products should be kept in a dry and cool area due to the fact that the salt will absorb any moisture around it and begin to shrink. So, you can test your lamp and see if it is a fake one. Just take a damp cloth and gently rub the lamp. The lamp should look like it is “weeping” and the part of the cloth you’ve rubbed will have noticeable discoloration. If none of this happens, you can be sure that your lamp is a fake one.

Nothing changes

It is sure that Himalayan salt lamp will not solve all of the problems you are experiencing. But, after a few weeks of using this lamp, you should notice significant results, including:

  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced allergy or asthma symptoms
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased energy levels

Miners of Himalayan salt are considered as the happiest people. If you’ve used a fake lamp for a few weeks, and there are still no results, it could be mixed with toxins like fluoride.

Watch the video from David’s Facebook page so you can learn more about what the benefits of a genuine Himalayan salt lamp!

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