5 Main Culprits For Black Bags Under The Eyes

Eye bags are very difficult to be eliminated, especially as you’ve probably inherited them from your parents or close relatives.5-main-culprits-for-black-bags-under-the-eyes
There are ways to reduce them, however. If you want to get rid of those dark circles under the eyes, avoid the following things:
1. Insufficient sleep
Fatigue and exhaustion reflect on your face and eye bags. Organize your day well and try to sleep at least seven hours without interruption.
2. Dehydration
When the body loses large amounts of fluids, it begins to create reserves and retains water in the body as much as possible. This causes swelling in the arms and legs and puffy bags under your eyes. Throughout the day, drink more water.
3. Salty Food
Salt retains water in the body and therefore after salty dinner we wake up swollen and tired. This is reflected in our face, especially in the area under the eyes. Avoid salty foods before bedtime.
4. Smoking
It has been proven that cigarettes and nicotine have harmful effects on the skin. This bad habit prevents the flow of oxygen in the blood, which causes eye bags.
5. Sinus problems
Difficulties in breathing cause inflammations of sinus or virus, but it also causes eye circles. The damaged mucosa swells and closes the nasal passages, which affects your breathing, and your face. Every morning, wash your nose with salt water. To stay healthy, the nasal mucosa must be salty.



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