These 5 Exercises Women Over 40 Should Do Every Week

As we get older, our body experiences significant changes. We are supposed to pay more attention to our health than we used to take care before.

Women in menopause gain more weight. This means, that they are more likely to experience different diseases.

So, if you are a woman over 40, keep in mind that you should exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet. In this way, you will go through this complicated period without experiencing problems.

For that purpose, we have a workout plant that you should do every week. These five exercises will help you lose weight and make your body healthier and stronger.

Check them out!

  1. Burpees

Begin in a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower your body as you would squat, place your hands on the ground in front of you. Place your feet back and lower the chest to perform a push-up.

Then, bring the chest back up and with your feet in the initial position, you should stand up and jump into the air. Don’t forget to clap your arms overhead.

  1. Squats

Begin in a standing position, with your chest held up and out, and your feet shoulder-width apart. Your hands should be extended out in front of you. Next, you should sit back and down just like there is a chair behind you.

Lowering your body, your thighs should be parallel to the ground and your knees over the ankles. Hold this position for several minutes. Then, return back to the initial position. Do 20 repetitions.

  1. Lunges

Begin in a standing position with your hands on the hips and your feet shoulder-width apart. With one of your legs, step forward and flex the knees until your rear knee almost touches the ground. Then, bring your body back. Do the same procedure with the other leg. Perform 20 repetitions.

  1. Plank

Begin on all fours. Keep the upper part of your body in alignment with the toes and elbows when they are slightly raised. Keep this position, inhale deeply, and feel your muscles getting strong. To have more strength and balance, you should equally divide the weight into both legs and elbows.

  1. Straight Leg Raises

Lie on the back and place your hands under the butt. Raise the shoulders and feet off the ground then elevate the legs, but make sure to keep the rest of your body steady. Hold this position for a few seconds. Then, lower the legs down on the ground, but make sure not to touch the ground. Perform 10 repetitions.

Women over the age of 40 are highly recommended to perform these five exercises. They will help them to balance their hormones, reduce the excess fat, maintain their body shape and improve their health in general. Start the 2-mount workout plan right away and you will see great results!

Source: Sunday Stories


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