5 Amazing Uses Of Egg Shells That You Have Never Thought Of

Apart from being the most commonly used ingredient in all recipes and meals, the egg has a variety of practical uses that haven’t crossed your mind.5-amazing-uses-of-egg-shells-that-you-have-never-thought-of

For example, its shell that is regularly thrown away can be used in at least five ways.

  1. Natural pesticide

Crumble the egg shell eggs and pour it in a circle around the flower which is persistently attacked by small insects. The smell of the egg will expel all unwanted guests from the yard.

  1. Desalinator

Crumble the egg shell well (it is best to put them in a kitchen towel and hit with a meat hammer) and then mix it with apple cider vinegar. Use this means to remove desalination and vessel from the sinks in your home.

  1. Kitchen aid

When you do not have molds, butyou want to make some interesting cookies, make a small hole in the shell of the egg and drain its inside content without breaking it. Wash the shells with lukewarm water and then use them as molds.

  1. The cheapest plumber

Crumble several shells and put them in drains around the home. Then let the tap run strong. Under running water, the shell will go through the pipes and it will take all dirt and grease with itself.

  1. An anti-itching remedy

Leave egg shells in a glass jar full of apple cider vinegar for 2 days. For the time, the shell will soften and you will get a homogeneous mixture that can be applied in case of irritated skin or insect bites.


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