20 Reasons You Should Drink Lemon Water in The Morning

Lemon juice gives a fresh boost to water, and it quenches thirst in a second. But, it is not only the freshness that you will gain. Lemons are packed with vitamins, minerals and trace element.

Each of them is essential for your body. Lemon water is considered to be the most efficient energy booster. The body is dehydrated when you wake up in the morning, and it shouts out for water to flush out toxic waste and renew cells. Our homemade ‘lemonade’ helps you get rid of toxic buildups, regulate kidney function, and enhance digestion in a completely natural way.

20 Mind-blowing reasons to start off your day with lemon water

  1. Lemon water gives your body enough electrolytes and hydrates its tissues. As you may know, lemons are high in potassium, calcium, and magnesium.
  2. Lemon water does miracles for your joints. It relieves joint and muscle pain.
  3. Warm lemon water enhances digestion, due to the high amount of citric acid in lemons. It binds to other enzymes and acids in the gastrointestinal tract, and thus stimulates the production of gastric juices. This is great for the entire process of digestion.
  4. The citrusy drink stimulates your liver to produce more enzymes than any other food or drink.
  5. Lemon water cleanses liver. Lemon juice contributes to a more efficient elimination of toxins.
  6. Drink it to fight respiratory infections, relieve sore throat and tonsillitis. Lemons have potent anti-inflammatory properties.
  7. Warm lemon water provides normal bowel movement.
  8. It contributes to a healthier metabolism. Given that lemons are mighty antioxidants, their juice protects against free radicals, and gives you an immunity boost.
  9. Due to its high potassium content, lemon water protects the nervous system, and regulates its function. Experts associate potassium deficiency with depression and anxiety. Your nervous system requires a healthy amount of potassium to provide sustainable signals to your heart.
  10. It is a refreshing way to cleanse your cardiovascular system.
  11. Lemon water aids in the treatment of hypertension. One lemon a day decreases blood pressure by 10%.
  12. Seeking for an alkalizing drink? Well, now you have it. You can take it right before your meals, and still maintain a higher pH level. Keep in mind that higher pH values make your body resistant to diseases.
  13. Lemons do miracles for your skin. Vitamin C rejuvenates tissues, including your skin. Regular consumption of lemon water gives you a healthier skin complexion.
  14. Drink it regularly to get rid of uric acid buildups, and thus prevent joint pain and gout.
  15. Lemon water is especially recommended to expecting moms. Vitamin C is a natural adaptogen, and it helps the body fight against viruses and colds. Moreover, vitamin C supports the formation of bones in unborn babies. Potassium in lemon water contributes to a healthier formation of the nervous system.
  16. Bothered with heartburn? Add a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice to half a glass of water.
  17. Use it to dissolve gallstones, kidney and pancreatic stones. It also works great in the elimination of calcium deposits.
  18. Lemon water contributes to a healthy weight loss process. Pectin in lemons cut down hunger cravings. Scientists say that alkaline diet makes it easier for the body to melt pounds.
  19. It is a natural way to relieve toothache and gingivitis.
  20. And last but not less important, lemon water prevents the development cancer. Considering that lemons are alkaline fruits, they create an alkaline environment in the body, which prevents the growth of abnormal cells.

Get your lemon water at the right time

Always use warm purified or spring water. Juice half a lemon, and add it to half a cup of warm water. Do not add sugar! Use a juicer to get the maximum amount of juice. Some like using lemon essential oil.

Make sure you drink your lemon water in the morning, before you eat or drink anything. You can also drink t an hour before your meals to get the best results.

So, next time life gives you lemons, make yourself a glass of warm lemon water!

Source: Healthy Food House


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