12 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Emotional States

Do you often wonder whether your pain has something to do with the way you feel? Dr Susan Babel, a psychologist, says that your emotions have pretty great impact on your physical condition.12-types-of-pain-that-are-directly-linked-to-emotional-states

You can learn how aches in different parts of your body describe your emotional state further in this article.


Forgiveness may be the underlying problem to your pain, regardless of whether it is you or someone else. Be more aware of the things you like about yourself, and focus on the features others like in you.


Get rid of your emotional burden. There is a lot more than your shoulders can carry, so talk to your friends and family, and solve your emotional problem with their help.


Migraines and headaches are usually caused by common stressful situations. Take a few hours throughout the day for you only. You deserve some time for yourself. Eliminate your stress, and the pain will leave your body.


Pain in your arms and elbows may indicate poor flexibility. Do not neglect or resist the natural changes around you.


You probably need a new friend in your life. Someone you can talk to, preferably a positive person.

Upper back

Pain in the upper back area may be a sign of insufficient emotional support. You probably believe you are not appreciated and hold back your feelings. Talk to your partner or close friend more often.

Lower back

It may occur due to your financial worries. Sit down, relax, and think of useful ways to use your money more wisely.


Fear of moving, changes and huge decisions may give you the pain in your hips. Approach changes slowly and carefully.


Work on your self-esteem. Volunteer work is a great option, and keep in mind that perfection does not exist.


Are you too jealous? Get rid of that negative emotion, relieve your tension and stay away from stressful situations. It is time to move on and handle your jealousy.


When was the last time you did something for yourself? Enjoy life and all the things that surround you. Run into every moment with joy.


Depression is a hard thing to handle, but you can always find a new hobby or get yourself a pet. These are nice starting points.

Source: Family Health Freedom Network


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