100% Natural Urinary Tract Infection Cure – Just One Ingredient

Does a tingling, burning sensation (which is a symptom of urinary tract infection) wakes you up and you can’t get off the toilet?100-natural-urinary-tract-infection-cure-just-one-ingredient

(UTI) Urinary tract infections can be really painful and can ruin your life, and they can turn into a very serious problem causing damage to the kidney if the antibiotics do not help.

Many are opting for alternative treatment because they are safe for usage and also have an amazing effect on this medical condition.

Parsley for UTI

Parsley has been used as a treatment for many illnesses including UTI, because of its healthy benefits. It acts as a diuretic, flushing out the bacteria to relieve discomfort. The levels of sodium will rise by inhibiting the sodium and potassium pump. And, this will remove bacteria by increasing the urine output.

Recipe for Parsley Tea

It is a powerful antibiotic and anti-viral remedy against bacteria.

You will need:

  • 4 cups of water
  • 4 tablespoons of fresh minced parsley


  • Chop finely the parsley (including the roots and stems)
  • Boil 4 cups of filtered water
  • Remove the water from the heat
  • Soak the minced parsley for 20 minutes, then strain

You need to drink this tea at least 7 days, 4 cups per day (you can drink it hot or cold) to cure the urinary tract infection. The symptoms of urinary tract infection will be significantly decreased in 3 days, but you need to continue to drink this tea to complete the 7 days.

Source: Life Health And Food


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