10 Most Toxic and Dangerous Foods That Cause Cancer Which Should Never “Get In Your Mouth”

Regardless of what nutritionists say, each of these foods is neither nutritious, nor healthy. Excessive processing, and man-made preparations take these foods far from their original form, and even the body is unable to handle them. Several studies have shown that regular indulging in these foods harms health.


It may look harmless, but flour has the same effect as sugar in the body. Flour applies tight pressure onto the pancrease and triggers an insulin imbalance, which sets the body into a fat-storing mode.

Manifacturing processes decrease the nutritional value of wheat, and it also loses most of its fiber. Wheat itself is not bad, it is all about the processing. It turns food into something you would not eat.


It is the worst enemy on the market, and it is considered as the main cause of obesity and diabetes. Sugar harms your pancreas, liver, and the entire digestive tract. Sugar consumption affects the nervous system for up to 50%.

Learn to make a difference between sugar types. Fruits and honey contain natural sugars that are good for your body, of course, when taken in healthy doses.


This may come as a surprise to you, because we grew with the belief that milk makes our bones strong. But, according to the nutritionist Patrik Holford, aging affects our ability to digest lactose, or the ‘milk sugar.’

Milk may cause bloating, food intolerance, inflammation-induced disease, and it also increases acidity.

The worst thing is that you do not get pure milk, but a rather white milk-like liquid that is loaded with chemicals, hormones, anti-infection agents, additives, plus it is treated with high heat. Consider switching to natural almond, coconut, or rice milk. These are packed with healthy nutrients, plus they come with almost no side-effects.


This seemingly delicious treat is loaded with trans-fat, refined flour or sugar. It is the worst combination for your health. It affects heart health and makes you chubby. Both trans-fats and sugar increase the risk of developing heart problems and diabetes.

Fast food

Given that it is prepared in a minute, fast food is extremely dangerous for the body, not to mention highly processed ‘meat,’ saturated fat and tons of sodium.

Health experts do everything that is in their power to raise general awareness, but there are still some individuals that prefer getting their meal in right around the corner instead of making a huge, healthy salad. 


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